Superman maybe in Bali

super heroA workout space for Super Heroes

Yes that’s right Superman and other super heroes are training at the Super Hero
Factory Bali, a new facility recently opened (2015) on this beautiful Island of the Gods.
And now it is open for everyone!
Even my Bali dentist goes there to workout since the place is conveniently located in central Kuta not far from his dental clinic. He says it is refreshing to have a alternative and fun place to train other than a gym.

So if you are looking for things to do in Bali with your kids
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Maid Lessons

Learning from hired help

When i first arrived in Asia all those moons ago at the tender age of 22 little did i know what lessons were in store for me or the unlikely source of some of the most profound of them.

A very humble lesson in ‘appreciation’ was learned through an experience with my maid together with ‘not to take things for granted’…
Her little girl, Megan… was so excited as she had seen my friend’s Limo website in Australia. She LOVED the picture of the stretched limo on the front page.. here it is: Stretched limo
and she told her mum she wanted a ride in that one day… The point is, everyday this family witnessed decadence wherever they turned. Continue reading

Culture Shock – Embrace the Differences

The First Cut is The Deepest  (Rod Stewart)

The first time I remember experiencing culture shock is when, as a teenager on a family holiday in France, I was confronted by a public squat toilet. Let’s just say there didn’t appear to be a regular cleaning schedule for this convenience, and its previous users must have had a particularly bad aim. My parents spent the rest of the holiday having to make unwanted purchases in Continue reading

The best lessons on Scholar Island

sunset beamLearning and growing on Scholar Island

The variety of NEW things to do and learn on Bali is enormous.

From surfing lessons to getting to know how to ride an elephant to taking a macro-biotic cooking course, are just a few examples showing the diversities of what activities can be learned here at a fraction of the cost to anywhere else in the world.

Bali’s main source of income is tourism. There are 3 main areas that particularly attract tourists to this place called the Island of the Gods: Continue reading

Life Lessons in Scholar Island

Hey.. scholar Island welcomes you and says “Hi”

Can travel or more specifically the experience gained from living in a foreign new culture, benefit an individual in personal development growth, education and help to improve character etc?

Scholar Island Bali

Tropical beach and direction board saying SURFING

Can living abroad make you a great life Scholar?

One thing is for sure living in a multicultural, multi religious environment and a small island to boot is one hell of an adventure. Welcome to Bali, Indonesia often called the island of the Gods.

I like to call it Scholar Island.

To partially answer the question, from my experience it can go both ways.
I believe living and working in a foreign culture FORCES an individual to take a look “deep inside” him/her self. Continue reading

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