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Can travel or more specifically the experience gained from living in a foreign new culture, benefit an individual in personal development growth, education and help to improve character etc?

Scholar Island Bali

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Can living abroad make you a great life Scholar?

One thing is for sure living in a multicultural, multi religious environment and a small island to boot is one hell of an adventure. Welcome to Bali, Indonesia often called the island of the Gods.

I like to call it Scholar Island.

To partially answer the question, from my experience it can go both ways.
I believe living and working in a foreign culture FORCES an individual to take a look “deep inside” him/her self.

Culture Shock

If this self examination is resisted then turmoil will result. The inevitable Culture Shock will be discomfort in extreme.

Even the individuals who DO take self awareness and mindfulness on board, they will experience similar discomforts but normally to a lesser extent.

Another factor which greatly affects the severity of the ‘culture shock’ experience is attitude.

Bali, in particular is exhilarating and exciScholar Islandting to most people when they first arrive. Then after the initial ‘honeymoon period’, for some it becomes a horrible nightmare and they quickly return HOME with hands in the air.

Others who who take it all ON with a different more selfless attitude, with some self examination, mindfulness and who are prepared to change their outlook, attitude etc will get through the culture shock period and CAN then really ARRIVE in the Paradise that Bali truly is.

Living in a unfamiliar culture can then be a great adventure, personally rewarding and intellectually very stimulating. However it can also be frustrating and the cause of much anger and / or depression.
It is certainly a great opportunity to know and understand another society / culture from within. This of course also requires and involves us to take on some necessary responsibilities.

The most obvious of course is to adapt our behaviour to respect the customs and expectations of the country we are in. To learn rather than to judge, to try to understand the differences and reasoning’s and respect the beliefs of others. The experience is an education in itself.

In my own experience it took me a while to understand all this. My first questioning was WHY can’t these people act normally. Of course i needed to come to realize that ‘normal’ to me was very different ‘normal’ to others. At that time self development was NOT on my radar. It took a near nervous breakdown, a wise friend to advise me and 10 days OFF on a secluded beach to make me realize the question ” What The Heck Am I doing?” was the issue and NOT what other individuals and circumstances was doing TO ME.

This realization along with the culture shock led me down a path of self discovery and a great passion for personal development and the craving to learn and grow as an individual. In short i was in earnest to become a Life Scholar.

Welcome to Bali – Scholar Island….

…Where all wise things can be learned.

Scholars = the traveled man / women. Those that have left the comfort and natural security of their home culture to live in another unfamiliar to them.

This is the true scholar. Lessons learned from travel and entering another’s world truly helps us reflect inwardly.

A True life scholar is finding ones self through mindfullness and feedback realization. Feed back being the communication and direct affect we have on others and the environment around us.

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