sunset beamLearning and growing on Scholar Island

The variety of NEW things to do and learn on Bali is enormous.

From surfing lessons to getting to know how to ride an elephant to taking a macro-biotic cooking course, are just a few examples showing the diversities of what activities can be learned here at a fraction of the cost to anywhere else in the world.

Bali’s main source of income is tourism. There are 3 main areas that particularly attract tourists to this place called the Island of the Gods:

1. Surfing, beach, night life
2. Cheap medical services (anti aging – Dental – General)
3. Retreats and alternative medical practices, Yoga courses etc

Another area quickly gaining popularity is retreats for personal development, entrepreneurial and motivational seminars.

The reason people return to Bali again and again is not only the cheaper prices compared to home for their main activity but also the variety of OTHER activities that they can engage in. One area particularly gaining popularity is the cultural tours. There are literally 1000’s of small tour companies owned and run by 1 or 2 individuals who act as the guide, driver and company admin.

Things to do and learn

Here is a list of just a few activities available in Bali:water bomb

– surfing lesson
– scuba diving
– wellness and yoga retreats
– visit Ubud Monkey forest
– Bali Safari and marine Park
– white water rafting
– Extreme waterpark – Waterbomb
– Jewellery making workshop
– Make your own perfumebuffalo race
– watch a buffalo race
– record and release an album at Hard Rock Hotel
– Dolphin watching
– Climb Mount Agung

These are just a few. The list could literally be in the hundreds. Just google search “things to do in Bali”… you will find some wonderful adventures of learning awaiting you, or just contact us.

The life lessons while on Bali like compassion, patience honouring our differences etc can either be ignored or taken on board to improve ourselves while at the same time enjoying any of the wonderful activities…