Learning from hired help

When i first arrived in Asia all those moons ago at the tender age of 22 little did i know what lessons were in store for me or the unlikely source of some of the most profound of them.

A very humble lesson in ‘appreciation’ was learned through an experience with my maid together with ‘not to take things for granted’…
Her little girl, Megan… was so excited as she had seen my friend’s Limo website in Australia. She LOVED the picture of the stretched limo on the front page.. here it is: www.rockinghamlimo.com. Stretched limo
and she told her mum she wanted a ride in that one day… The point is, everyday this family witnessed decadence wherever they turned.

A lovely luxury villa, air conditioned, hot and cold running water a swimming pool and a beautiful green and flowering garden…all with a part time maid who came in everyday to clean up and just add to the touches of luxury… which meant for me .. no cooking, no food shopping, no washing up, no making the beds,  no laundry and no gardening etc… all this was done for me whoooop whoopi.

Was this heaven i was living in..?

i was sharing with a friend at that time and we were using the services of Komang and her husband Ketut. Komang looked after the cleaning, cooking, shopping and laundry and Ketut handled the swimming pool and garden maintenance needs.

They have a cute little daughter Megan, and we treated them like family. Sometimes we would take them all out for a meal and we even took them all to the circus when it came to town. Megan the little girl loved it.

One day Komang invited us to visit them at their house. Boy was i in for a shock.
A tiny house which you could hardly swing a cat. No running water and most of the time no electricity. Yet this family who witnessed the relative decadence we lived in did not show any signs of victimhood, covetousness or jealousy.

They actually appreciated everyday in what they had without complaining of what they saw (everyday) what others had. They knew that many had things much worse than them and they had decided to be grateful for whatever God was giving them.

Actually, komang was becoming a very resourceful business woman. She was building a small army of motorbikes that she was renting out. She was also in charge of a group of cleaners looking after a villa complex. They told us that they would be soon moving in to a bigger house .. so really this enterprising young woman really had a handle on her life and was making things happen.

It was a true lesson to me of always being appreciative of what you have.. only then can you move forward to improve on it. If Komang had had a victim mentality.. guess what? She would have had zero motivation to try to improve.
Lesson learned here is that no matter what we have we need to appreciative and not take it for granted.. only then can we look to improve our situation and / or circumstances.
As the Bible says when we learn to live with both scarcity and / or abundance only then can we have happiness. Peace comes when we know that whatever our circumstances, whatever our situation we don’t need to be ‘victims’ and that we can always take action to change our circumstances.

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