super heroA workout space for Super Heroes

Yes that’s right Superman and other super heroes are training at the Super Hero
Factory Bali, a new facility recently opened (2015) on this beautiful Island of the Gods.
And now it is open for everyone!
Even my Bali dentist goes there to workout since the place is conveniently located in central Kuta not far from his dental clinic. He says it is refreshing to have a alternative and fun place to train other than a gym.

So if you are looking for things to do in Bali with your kids
(and by the way its for the parents as well) then this maybe a great option for a few hours of the day.

(Pssst – Parents, listen up: your kids won’t have any trouble sleeping that night. Their energy will be totally exhausted and they will have a wide smile on their faces while asleep. Dreaming of saving the world, no doubt)

NOT a Gymnasium

This is not a gym, but an alternative training facility. It’s fun and challenging both physically and mentally. It is also great for team building and overcoming personal fears.
This is not just for kids but for adults too.

Company’s use it for team building retreats and even pro athletes and military personnel use it for balance and agility training. They also have group training’s where the focus is on interactive and collaborative group enjoyment and overcoming obstacles.


Some have described it as an indoor parkour training helping improve coordination, increase strength to weight ratio, agility and balance, managing fears and speeding up reflexes. It is definitely beneficial and fun for both children and adults alike. They even have special times blocked for kids and adults to train together for special bonding time.

Kids absolutelysuper jump love the ‘Fear Dive’ where, once they have overcome their mental barrier, they throw themselves off a platform into a foam pit below doing a double flip somersault on the way down.

Awesome !!

The fun facility includes
i) A “glow-in-the-dark” obstacle course that tests your focus and balancing skills.

ii) Launch Ramp into a foam pit – Running start then practice your flips and dives into soft foam.

iii) Leap of Faith – 5m leap into the foam pit – Helps overcome mental fears. Now you really do feel like a super Hero.

iv) Foam / sponge pool with trampoline – Safely practice your flips, twists and other acrobatic moves.

v) Special bouncy inflatable gymnastics floor – this allows you to practice running, jumping up walls without a hard landing. Perfect to practice high drop roll landings without the bruises.

vi) Bar jungle and blocks: A playground of padded blocks and steel bars giving an indoor parkour obstacle course. Great for improving agility, calisthenics and street workouts

Vii) 5m high climbing wall: Colour coded TRON-like climbing wall for beginners and intermediates. Also, it’s right in front of the foam pit for a finale dive. A quick way down.

Some special needs kids come into their element here.
Bouncing, jumping or clambering up a padded wall and then balancing along a narrow bench and finally jumping and rolling onto a bouncy padded floor.

It really is a special and fun place to test and improve you balancing and parkour skills.
I would imagine this would be a perfect place for junior high school students to come on a leadership or team building retreat. Everyone has physical and mental obstacles or fears which they would like to overcome.
This facility may help them defeat / conquer them giving them a renewed confidence in themselves.

See you at the Factory, where us Super Heroes hang out:)

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