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Superman maybe in Bali

super heroA workout space for Super Heroes

Yes that’s right Superman and other super heroes are training at the Super Hero
Factory Bali, a new facility recently opened (2015) on this beautiful Island of the Gods.
And now it is open for everyone!
Even my Bali dentist goes there to workout since the place is conveniently located in central Kuta not far from his dental clinic. He says it is refreshing to have a alternative and fun place to train other than a gym.

So if you are looking for things to do in Bali with your kids
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Culture Shock – Embrace the Differences

The First Cut is The Deepest  (Rod Stewart)

The first time I remember experiencing culture shock is when, as a teenager on a family holiday in France, I was confronted by a public squat toilet. Let’s just say there didn’t appear to be a regular cleaning schedule for this convenience, and its previous users must have had a particularly bad aim. My parents spent the rest of the holiday having to make unwanted purchases in Continue reading

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